Winterpause 2021-22

Vom 08.11.2021 bis zum 02.04.2022 haben wir geschlossen........

Winterpause 2021 22

Während der Winterpause vom 08.11.2021 bis voraussichtlich 02.04.2022 haben wir geschlossen, in diesem Zeitrahmen führen wir wichtige Revisionsarbeiten durch, 
deshalb können wir auch keine Gruppenbuchungen annehmen. Am besten erreicht ihr uns in der Winterpause per Mail unter

Euer Team vom Abenteuer im Wald


Map climbing garden

Would you like to get a detailed overview in advance? Please use our park plan (PDF).

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Everything you should know before visiting us. Minimum height for climbers, declaration of consent...

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Adventure in the Forest

Our forest climbing park consists of 10 rope courses or 'parcours' made out of varying elements and obstacles out of wood, ropes, and steel cables that are fixated between the trees. The rope courses are divided into 3 difficulty levels-- easy, medium, and difficult. Among the obstacles you'll find hanging bridges, 'Tarzan' rope swings, climbing nets, ziplines (Flying Foxes) and much more! The elements are integrated in the trees as they grow naturally using special fitting techniques that do not damage the tree or prevent it from growing in any way.


Team Building

The team building area contains various elements of different heights as well as a number of ground elements.

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